Pretty Boy

There were so many wonderful events this month that it will take me a long time to catch up on all the new things I have. The second anniversary of The Men’s Dept, Rock Attitude Fashion Fair, The 100 Block, Japan Fair …..  * whimper *  * turns wallet upside down and shakes out last few Lindens *   You get the picture.

KOOQLA  makes some amazing skins. I think they have such an artistic vintage feel but I was never happy with the way they looked on my shape before. When they released the “Knight” skin at Skin Fair I bought four shades because I loved it so much, and will probably go back for more if they are not retired. This version “Knight of the Rose” was at The Men’s Dept this month. I’m wearing the Silver version without the tattoo. ( I incorporated that into a goth look that I will post as soon as I have the chance)



I wanted to try for a more natural boyish look so I’m not wearing any makeup layers * gasp *  The hair is “Takumi” by Argrace in Silver. Eyes are Ikon Spectral “Starfall”



This shirt was at Japan Fair “Romulus” by Aitui Clothing Factory. There is a hud for changing the scarf to about twelve different stripe and solid colors. I found this perfect bracelet on MP by a store I’d never heard of before. Cliche Fashion. I edited the size & position a little but the texture and shine on this is gorgeous. 


Okay so there’s nail polish. Just a subtle grey – nothing girly about that at all. ;)


I have to also give a quick thank you to Domicile for making a very nice and inexpensive set of 17 photo booths with different textures and lighting that are small enough to rez inside my Linden Home if I don’t feel like wandering around looking for a location for a photoshoot.

The pants are from Razor – a limited edition from the 100 Block of their “Sideslip”  Pants.  The other bracelet “No Stress” by Just You Jewels.

And the shoes – Good God the Shoes. I really wish I had a close up pic of them but I crashed 5 times in row changing my settings for photos that night so I gave up. FLite Creepers – also a limited edition. I was so thrilled to score these, thanks to a tip from a friend. The hud with them offers a ton of options including leopard print that you can bet I’ll be using soon.


I was having a lot of deep thoughts while I was putting this look together about how easy it is to transform yourself  in Second Life and how difficult it can be in real life.  This is a song I fell in love with recently by Young Galaxy that captures the pensive mood these pictures seem to have.






The Rite of Spring – Spring Meme



Meme Instructions: Share a spring-themed picture and/or answer the following questions about the season. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your picture in the Blog Memes Flickr Group.


What is the spring season like where you live ?

I live in a southern state of the USA so I don’t get the drastic change of seasons that make spring such an event for other people. For me spring always feels like the end of the year rather than the beginning, winding down to the long stifling months of summer when I can barely go outside for the heat. For about a month before that the weather is perfect and it really does feel like paradise, but the ninety degree days are just lurking on the other side. The best part of spring for me is after the time change when we start to get longer twilights and beautiful sunsets again.


What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of spring?

Pollen is the first thing, sadly. I am surrounded by oak trees and there are a few weeks of spring where a ton of pollen drops and Everything is dusted with a yellow coat. Scratchy throat, headaches and watery eyes follow. Most of it was washed away this year in a few serious rainstorms so it’s better now. After that I think of the color green and butterflies. After we get a few rainstorms like that everything starts growing like crazy, and turns this bright vivid shade of green that you don’t see any other time of year. I get most of my exercise by walking and now is the time when I start seeing butterflies everywhere. Watching them dancing around in the air always makes me smile.


Which spring-themed sim in Second Life is your favorite at the moment?

I can’t think of a sim that has a specific spring theme, but I took these pictures in the park behind the KittyCatS mainstore. It’s a quiet little place most of the time unless there is an event and there are always random cats laying around to say hello to, like the ones behind me in the picture. I usually take a walk around every time I go shopping there and enjoy the open space and the trees and flowers.



I haven’t tried any liquid mesh that I can think of but I will be looking out for it now to see how it works. I love the idea of not being tied to an alpha silhouette if it meant I could adjust some of the women’s clothing and shoes I’ve coveted to fit me. XD

credits – Skin is by Swallow “Manu – Peach”, Hair – Exile “Pulse: Fern” Eyes – IKON “Passion” , Slink hands “Relax” The scarf and mouth flower are from Gizza “Fusion CHIC Violet-Green”
The beautiful butterfly makeup is by Madrid Solo “Easter Island full set”
The frog on my head was a DSN gift from SHD ( Spiky Haired Dragon) and the nose-butterfly is a freebie (groupgift?) from A:S:S: The nail appliers “Superglitter” are also from there.

Pants by Schadenfreude of course XD



Second Life Book Cover Monday Meme

Meme instructions: Create a book cover to show your avatar in fiction. It does not have to be based on a real book, it can be one that you make up. 

It’s almost Friday, so of course I am finally done with the Monday meme. I discarded some ideas, couldn’t figure out how to execute others, and then suddenly the day after my second run through Skin Fair when I had replenished my monthly Linden budget for the third time it came to me. Not a work of fiction, more of a tell-all confessional.

excerpt:   “The beginning of the month, when The Men’s Dept was about to open with new items, I felt the itch in my palms and the restlessness would start. I would squeeze myself into the lowest script shape imaginable, pushing through crowds at fairs and fashion events, hitting the “pay” button again and again until I had to scan my inventory to remember what I already had. Staying up until the wee hours of the morning trying to put a look together, stalking the blogs of the most fashionable of avatars to see where they shopped. The deep water of addiction was closing over my head and I didn’t even notice …. .” 


Really, it’s not that bad. ( Really … I swear …. I don’t need an intervention )  XD

Prince Lexxiius Starchild

I’ve been squealing about these incredible boots and pants by Schadenfreude since they came out last month and I pounced on them, but I haven’t had time to put together a decent photo shoot until this weekend. The top that matches them is adorable too, although for this outfit I chose to pair them with another piece that made me breathless when I saw it – the “Idol II” jacket in Alligator from A:S:S: It’s studded. I died. XD It all came together when I saw this new hair from Monster “Farina – Backseat Thrill” And then I had my perfect purple glam starchild who just needed somewhere to go and play.


I knew I wanted an scifi/space theme and a search turned up this place.


TRP360  Sialimonus

Stonehenge in outer space!! Image

* whoooooosh * Sound of me instantly teleporting. I had so much fun exploring here, you can touch and interact with almost all the planets and ride the comet! ( I tried to get a pic of that but it moved faster than my sad little out-of-date computer could track )

Riding a meteorite


“Look … Saturn!”


“Who built this place?  Alien Druids?”


* ponders *

“Who cares …. let’s play!!”




( poses are a rare from a gatcha – cStar Limited/Apple Spice “Kick Fight Pose” that when I got I said “What in the world am I going to do with fight poses?” until I started playing around with them here.

Something about jumping from planet to planet made me feel like “The Little Prince”  from
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Or maybe his black sheep older brother that no one talks about. The one who wears eyeliner * grins *


Prince Lexxiius Starchild


Oh and here is a bonus shot of the sole of the boots because I never noticed it until started jumping around and it is SO cute


credits  ( for which I will happily try to provide links if anyone actually reads this blog and needs them – just shoot me an IM inworld)

Schadenfreude Astro Anti Grav boots
Schadenfreude Galaxy Orbit short pants
A:S:S: Idol II Jacket – Purple Alligator
Madrid Solo – manscara
Beautiful Freak – banded metal lipstick ( violet )
+grasp+ Silver lily ring
Hair – Monster – Farina – Backseat Thrill
Aidoru – caution! male earring with razorblades
IKON spectral eyes – Passion
Slink male hands – Relax  ( yes!!  Finally got the Slink hands!!!)

pretty sure the nail appliers are from A:S:S: because I haven’t bought them anywhere else yet.

Tableau Vivant – Noctis skin tone 05

lastly a song – since I’ve again been listening to Bowie all night.

The Book Meme.


Another Monday Meme post from Strawberry Singh.

Meme instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers into your post, delete my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments so we can all come and see. If you create an image for this meme, feel free to share it in the Blog Memes Flickr Group.

Best.Meme.Ever. I’ve only done about three but this one has to be my favorite so far. Yes – brush the glitter off and you will find a SERIOUS book nerd underneath.

1. Are you a bookworm? Completely. I can’t even remember a time when I didn’t have a book in my hands.

2. Which do you prefer: hardcover, paperback or electronic? Paperback most of the time. I tend to live with my books ( eat, sleep and travel with them ) and they can get roughed up. Paperbacks can be replaced easily. I’ve thought about getting a Kindle though, because the thought of dozens of books taking up the space of one paperback is extremely tempting.

3. Which book is your favorite? Such a hard question. I was tempted to name either “Queen of the Damned” or “The Vampire Armand” from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I’ve had such a deep love for that series. But for a book that continues to delight me that I have read over and over I have to go with Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere”

4. Which children’s book is your favorite? “Stellaluna” by Janell Cannon. The story of a baby bat.

5. What’s the last book you’ve read? Right now I’m reading the plays of Oscar Wilde. Before that I think it was “City of Bones” from The Mortal Instruments series because I saw the movie and was curious how the book compared to it.

6. Name your top five favorite writers: Anne Rice, Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher, Terry Pratchett. Having a difficult time thinking of a fifth “favorite” so I’ll just say whatever “classic” author I’m into at the moment. Currently Oscar Wilde, but has been Dickens, Poe. Shakespeare etc.

7. Name a book that had a strong impact on you: “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell

8. Favorite & least favorite book genres? I love anything imaginative or set in an alternate reality in fiction, although I’m not a huge fan of epic multibook fantasy sagas except for a rare few. Biographies of creative people. Historical books that explore periods of culture. Books on myth & world religions. I don’t enjoy reading crime novels or political thrillers, or stories about “ordinary people” and their problems.

9. Favorite & least favorite book-to-movie adaptions? Favorite – have to go with “Cloud Atlas” complicated book made into a complicated movie that wasn’t exactly the same but had a beauty and power of its own, and one of the saddest most haunting moments I’ve seen on film in a long while. Least favorite. – Have to agree with someone else’s post and say “Queen of the Damned” from Anne Rice’s book. Just blasphemous. Can’t believe I didn’t walk out.

10. Have you ever bought a book based on the cover alone? Not that I can remember.

11. Where do you usually buy your books? I used to haunt used bookstores, but have been converted to Amazon mostly through lack of time to get to them any more.

12. Do you go to the library? Not recently ( see above ) There was once a time when it was a monthly pilgrimage and I would come out with almost more books than I could carry every time.

13. How many books do you own? I stopped counting at 100 in my bedroom and that’s before I got to the paperbacks on the bottom shelf of the wall unit I use for a bookcase. There are two other bookcases in other rooms but those share space with DVD’s etc.

14. If you were to write a book about Second Life, which topic would you focus on? Probably Roleplayers or Alternative subcultures in SL ( vampires, nekos, merpeople, fae etc. ) I’m sort of fascinated by people who use SL as a total departure from real life and I’d love to see a book that took the subject seriously and if possible showed the positive and creative things those communities can bring to their members. Or maybe a retrospective of SL fashion XD

In response to BerryWinter’s Monday meme “Hope” – “Aftermath”

I don’t know you well Berry, but I was so sorry to hear about the pain you are going through right now. You seem like such a sweet and lovely person. I’m so glad to see such an outpouring of support for you and I want to add my voice to the mix since so many people have been brave enough to tell their stories.

I’ve been seriously tested to the point where I didn’t know how I was going to get through it twice in my life. The first was when I was 17, coming out to the person who raised me, with my partner there for moral support, only to be told – “I will help you two find a place to live when you graduate high school, but don’t contact me again after that.”

The second time, more years later than I want to admit to given the youthful appearance of my avatar, that partner has a debilitating long term illness/disability – and for the past year has been home a total of four months over the summer, the rest of the time being spent in hospitals and nursing homes – and is still in one now. Hence the reason my time in SL is sporadic and limited, although it has become more and more of a sanctuary for me.

The three things that helped and still help get me through – listed in no particular order because they are all equally important. Friends, Creativity and Music. I didn’t have too many close friendships other than my partner when I left home, but the following years brought some very special people into my life who I consider my “chosen family” as I have no contact with my biological one. I would be lost without them and they have held me together through some pretty harrowing times. I always expect and tell them that I’m too much trouble, or too depressing to be around, but they always assure me that I’m not and that they love me. If you have good friends like this, lean on them. They will want to be there for you.

If you can bring yourself to do it at all, be creative in some way. Doesn’t matter in what form or how well or badly the end result is – it’s the act of creation that’s important. Write, draw, sing, cook , knit, take lovely pictures in SL – whatever you have the energy for. I believe people who make things learn a lot about themselves while they are doing it. It also takes you out of yourself, gives you something to focus on, and a way to process your pain. I used to write a lot more than I do now, and singing has always been an important part of my RL. The writing has evolved into a 5 year long written para-RP that I do with a close friend over IM’s instead of stories or songs but it’s still writing and fulfills that need until I have the energy to tackle something more demanding. I had to put that on hold at the beginning of this year when things got too difficult for me to be able to concentrate so instead I’ve started putting together bizarre little outfits and taking pictures of them in SL  as one way to fill the creative need to be artistic, since I have no real talent as an artist.

Music is where I can always go when I feel down. I can’t imagine my life without it. It’s like air to me. Songs can lift you up, or surround you with emotion while you let yourself cry. So – I leave you with a song that has become sort of an anthem for me, when I feel down on myself or like I’m all alone.  Adam Lambert’s “Aftermath”  The most important lines in the song to me ( see lyrics below ) are “Don’t be afraid of what’s inside”  and “Just remember you are not alone – in the Aftermath”

I hope this can help in some small way.


Have you lost your way?
Livin’ in the shadow of the messes that you made,
And so it goes,
Everything inside your circle starts to overflow.Take a step before you leap,
Into the colors that you seek,
You’ll get back what you give away,
So don’t look back on yesterday!Wanna scream out,
No more hiding,
Don’t be afraid of what’s inside!
Gonna tell ya, you’ll be alright,
In the Aftermath!Anytime anybody pulls you down,
Anytime anybody says you’re not allowed,
Just remember you are not alone,
In the Aftermath!You feel the weight,
Of lies and contradictions that you live with every day,
It’s not too late,
Think of what could be if you rewrite the role you play.Take a step before you leap,
Into the colors that you seek,
You give back what you give away,
So don’t look back on yesterday!

Wanna scream out,
No more hiding,
Don’t be afraid of what’s inside!
Gonna tell ya, you’ll be alright,
In the Aftermath!

Anytime anybody pulls you down,
Anytime anybody says you’re not allowed,
Just remember you are not alone,
In the Aftermath!
In the Aftermath!

Before you break you have to shed your armour!
Take a trip and fall into the glitter!
Tell a stranger that they’re beautiful!
So all you feel is love, love!
All you feel is love, love!

Wanna scream out,
No more hiding,
Don’t be afraid of what’s inside.
Wanna tell ya, you’ll be alright,
In the Aftermath!

Wanna scream out,
No more hiding,
Don’t be afraid of what’s inside!
Gonna tell ya, you’ll be alright,
In the Aftermath!

Anytime anybody pulls you down,
Anytime anybody says you’re not allowed,
Just remember you are not alone,
In the Aftermath!
In the Aftermath!
(Gonna tell ya you’ll be alright!)
In the Aftermath!
In the Aftermath!
(Just remember you are not alone!)
In the Aftermath!

Shiawasena Hyouhomu

Two memorable things happened to me this weekend that I thought deserved a blog post.

The first – I was befriended by someone in SL I have greatly admired for a while now, following an IM I sent them. I don’t have a lot of contacts on my list – and by not a lot I mean four now, one of them no longer active. That’s not a “feel sorry for me I have no friends” sulk, because most of the time by my own choice I wander around very late at night without attempting to meet anyone. The few times someone has thrown a friend request at me immediately and I’ve accepted it, we end up never having another conversation and eventually I delete them. It’s not that I’m antisocial, I just tend to get really reserved and shy talking to people I don’t know. Most of the time I’m perfectly content to listen to the chat in my groups, throwing in the odd comment now and then when I feel bold, or the few times I have gone to a club, I usually just dance and listen to the talk and music. I do have a somewhat larger contact list on Flickr and often make silly or playful comments on pictures that I like, as well as on a few blogs I follow, but for some reason that has never transferred inworld other than a few small conversations when I run into someone on my list. So this was a very nice unexpected surprise.

The second – I moved into public housing ( a Linden home – lol ) I’ve been a transient for the past almost-year, moving every few months for various reasons. I had a lovely home on the water before the sim closed. I’ve lived in London and New Orleans ( both cities I’ve always want to live in in RL ) and for a while rented a small corner of land from a lovely person who came to my rescue when I was about to be homeless with 8 cats. ( yup – I really had 8 cats rezzed in world at that time lol. It happens. Compared to most in the KittyCats world I’m a lightweight. )
After I finally went Premium, I started debating what I should do next. I would love to get a small (REALLY small ) plot of land but so far have not been able to find one I’m crazy about. I have a plethora of skyboxes and a beautiful French Quarter shotgun house in my inventory that I’m saving for when I do.

Finally the temptation of putting that stipend towards cat food or fashion overwhelmed me, so I decided to get a Linden home in the meantime. As usual, I debated for months about what I wanted and visited all the infohubs on scouting missions. Meadowbrook was out immediately, way too suburban. Elderglen was actually a pretty cute place, but the houses seemed a little too claustrophobic and small, which I guess doesn’t matter if you are a little pixie but didn’t work for me. The big decision was between Tahoe and Shareta Osumai. The houses in Tahoe were nice and bright, but the sim felt a little too rustic for me. I decided on Shareta Osumai. A good fit for a somewhat bishounen boy.

I really wasn’t expecting much from the house other than a place to change clothes and rez until I found some land, but now that I have the place furnished I really love it. The only complaint I have is that the windows don’t open ( or at least I haven’t figured out how to open them ) but maybe in a crowded sim full of noobs that’s not such a bad thing.

Here are some pics of my new place. I named it Shiawasena Hyouhomu which according to Google translate means “Happy Leopard Home”


I’m a glam boy but I love old things, rich colors and dark wood, cause I’m just incongruous like that. ;-)
I love the mix of wood and tile with the traditional mats. Asian but with a Craftsman type feel. The decor is sort of half Asian, half Victorian Chinoiserie. Most of the stuff here is from the stores Lok’s low prim, Domicile and of course my bookcases from Tia that look like they are stuffed full of arcane and esoteric texts. I’m lost without a fireplace and very happy with this 2 prim one from Dysfunctional Designs.

Lexxii - Happy Leopard Home jpeg - cropped living room

I’m also very happy with the Art Deco Display Cabinet from Domicile that’s now holding my collection of Chibi cats

Lexxii - Happy Leopard Home - Art Deco cabinet

The bedroom and bookcases. There’s a missing piece of bookcase in this picture that is driving me crazy but if I don’t post this soon I will never get any sleep.

Lexxii - Happy Leopard Home - bedside cropped

I think what started as a temporary home may be somewhere I end up staying for a while.

Lexxii - Happy Leopard Home - Bishounen large cropped

Today I was a very happy Bishounen boy in Second Life

Lexxii - Happy Leopard Home - Bishounen boy