Dog and Cat

 disclaimer: All the items in the photos below you will have to purchase. The philosophical musings are free of charge. 


Black and White. Yin and Yang, Dog and Cat. I think most people would agree they have two sides. The one they show the outside world and another deeper one that they may keep hidden even from themselves. It may be because it’s dark or risque, or maybe filled with rage and anger the world wouldn’t perceive as “nice”. Whatever the reason, both can and do exist inside the same person within Real or Second Life. Just because you only see one doesn’t mean the other isn’t simmering underneath. Everyone does a balancing act between what they want shown and what they try ( or think they should try) to keep hidden.
With those thoughts in mind, I wanted to create two very different looks to showcase the new makeup releases from ~*Souzou Eien*~ . ( Ask me how happy I was to blog about makeup :) )

I call them Dog and Cat.

Dog lives in a happy innocent pastel world of bright colors and sunshine, with just a hint of gothish darkness peeking through.

Lexxiius - Wanna be your Dog for blog 2


Dog is wearing the “Punk Strip Makeup” in Red. It looks great on it’s own but you can also layer with mascara or eyeliner as I have for a different look. There are eight shades in the fatpack priced at only 100L

Lexxiius - Wanna be your Dog for blog
Cat is a creature of darkness and alleys, dressed all in black. Lithe and slinky, with eyes that hold forbidden secrets.

Lexxiius - Alley Cat (for blog)

Cat is wearing the appropriately named “Wicked Eyeliner” No telling what this one is up to.

Lexxiius - Alley Cat 2 for Blog

Here is a closer look so you can see the detail on the eyeliner. It comes in nine shades ( I’m partial to the purple and teal of course but wanted to use black in keeping with the outfit ) Also 100L for the fatpack which is a bargain and I should know, I buy a LOT of makeup.

Lexxiius - Alley Cat 2 for Blog - closer take

Credits below, and since Cat got an extra picture it’s only fair that Dog get a song.

Enjoy some Iggy Pop.



on Dog:

~*Souzou Eien*~ Punk Strip Makeup (Red)  draconias.timeless

Lashes: Madrid Solo- Manscara- Squinty Eyes  – madrid.solo

Hair:   Adoness  alcippe maroon & Hairbase: alcippe  black shades  – cruella.pennell

( Although it doesn’t show in the picture the hair was edited to remove the long tail down the back for a better fit as it is actually a female hair. Purchased at Hair Fair.)

Earrings: Pure Poison – Trix Nude Earrings –  shaleene.kenin

Lips: Beautiful Freak  Banded Metal lipstick – white

Eyes: IKON Immortal Eyes  – Scoria   ikon.innovia

Shirt:  –David Heather-Oen Buttondown/Blood  – gianni.broda

Belly Jewelry:  Chaos, Panic & Disorder – Drops of Fire Belly Ring  lilah.munster

Shorts: A:S:S – Cargo shorts – pink

Slink Nail Appliers:  A:S:S  Superglitter

Boots: Razor /// Regulator Combat Boots

Skin:  Swallow Manu Ivory Black Eyebrows –  luciayes.magic

Slink Male Hands – siddean.munro


on Cat:

~*Souzou Eien *~ Wicked Goth Eyeliner (Black) –  draconias.timeless

Hair: LALA Moon Mesh – Brianna – ruru.nagy

(Another girl hair purchased at Hair Fair)

Hairbase:  Adoness –  cruella.pennell

Madrid Solo- Manscara- Squinty Eyes – madrid.solo

Eyes: IKON Immortal Eyes – Sage (group gift) ikon.innovia

Lips:  Madrid Solo- Male Lip Mix- Design 5 – madrid.solo

Shirt:  – Batsu] Lacenet shirt – warumono.mode

Yasum*MESH*Trunk – azlyn.vaher

Belly Jewelry: rockCandy – Belly Ring – Kitty  – autumn.fairlane

:*:Chaos,Panic & Disorder :*: Le Chat Noir Necklace – lilah.munster

Gloves: Razor/// Foe Gloves – Mens – Slink

Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild Pants (Tucked)- Moto – Ribbed Leather Multi

Paul Lapointe & Bastchild Lotus.

:::insanya::: Ava Shoes

Skin: same as Dog

Hands: Same as Dog

Nails:  A:S:S – Metallic


Props :


The Cheap Seats: Rundown Alley Photoset  – found at either Gentlemen Bastards City or on MP

Trashcans & Dumpster – Urban Spirit – astin.miles

Dog’s House

A:S:S  -Yelena skybox  ( Free on MP!)


The Traveler

      Featuring new hunt items from ~* Souzou Eien*~  for The Femboy Hunt and The Sinister Goth’s Sinners Hunt ( the theme this month is “Sloth” )

                              “The quickest way is sometimes the longest.”          Neil Gaiman

Lexxiius the Traveler peruses the star charts to decide his next destination

Lexxiius - The Adventurer_017  - BLOG


Climbing into his Cerulean Carriage he sets off towards the unknown in comfort and style

Lexxiius - The Adventurer_011  -BLOG


Somewhere out there his next Grand Adventure awaits.

Lexxiius - The Adventurer - 2nd shoot_005  - BLOG


As night falls,  the stars call him on to discover their secrets.

Lexxiius - The Adventurer - 2nd shoot_009  - BLOG



The Zodiac Canvases in the first picture above are the prize for The Femboy Hunt: Zodiac Theme. They will only be available during the hunt and will not be sold in the store afterwards so be sure to snatch them up while you can. The stars on the canvas really do emanate that soft lovely glow in dim light.

Here is all the info you need for the Femboy Hunt:

Official Blog URL:

Start Point:

Hunt hint: Behind the Madness lies the stars.

The cost for the hunt item is 2L$


Next is the Cerulean Carriage from the Sinister Goth’s Sinners Hunt. The theme is “Sloth” but this marvelous floating chair put me in mind of all the magical wardrobes, flying carpets, levitating beds and other enchanted conveyances in beloved childhood books that somehow swept the rider into a delightful world of fantasy and adventure. It’s very simple to use ( just turn off your AO and wear it ) and so much fun that you might find yourself never wanting to bother with walking again! ( Oh yeah – that would be the Sloth part :) )

Here is all your info for the Sloth Hunt.

Official Blog:

Start Point:

Hunt Hint: Rise and peer through the veil towards the bejeweled adornments.


Enjoy the hunts and best of luck!


Wardrobe Credits:

BoHo HoBo Victorian Bohemian Top Hat –   trill.zapatero  ( this was purchase at Art in Hats event so not sure if it would be sold at the main shop )

*paper moon* Velvet Harlequin Leggings   – Slate & Rose  –  sohma.dix  ( from Genre Baroque)

.:Whims & Wishes:.   Jabberwock  Boots

*BOOM* Sixty-Two Jacket Set  Blush – aranel.ah


IKON Spectral Eyes – Maldives

SLink hands

[sYs] NOKOMIS Skin – Porcelaine – A1 –  syane.cisse

Madrid Solo- Manscara- Squinty Eyes – madrid.solo

A:S:S – Glam-rock-glitter – blue –  photos.nikolaidis



Domicile – Steam IX Fully-furnished Victorian skybox  ( hunt gift )

Milova – Extended Garden   ( a lush waterfront garden sim )




Baroque-back Mountain

Badump-ching!    yup – I went there. :)

~*Souzou Eien*~ has released some gorgeous jewelry for this month’s round of Genre.The theme is Baroque and that was all the excuse I needed to go full on Prince Poppycock style corset and heels. ( Like I NEED a reason to wear a corset )

Lexxiius - Baroque back Moutain - solo_003 jpg for crop

While I was searching around for a sim to use for the photos and having no luck finding one, Draconias Timeless – the dashing creator and owner of ~*Souzou Eien*~ himself – came to my aid, not only suggesting the perfect location but volunteering to be a part of the shoot! I tried very hard to control my fanboyish excitement and happily accepted.

And now presenting the movie trailer for the  new ( and purely fictional ) release:

( cue sad string music )

* voiceover*   When two elegant creatures meet on a mountain ….

Lexxiius - Baroque back Mountain_013 - jpg

they become caught up in the moment ….

Lexxiius - Baroque back Mountain_016  - jpg

.. and are carried away … ( or at least one of them is ;) )

Lexxiius - Baroque back Mountain_022 - jpg

coming soon to no theatre near you …. .

* music swells * …..   Baroque-back Mountain

Lexxiius - Baroque back Mountain_023 - jpg

“I just can’t quit you, ~*Souzou Eien*~”  Lexxiius Leopard.

( and yes I know it’s a paraphrase :P )

ok you can groan now

Draconias is wearing the new ~*Souzou Eien*~ Opalescent Choker that comes with a HUD to change the stone and metal color.
My necklace is the new “Pearls of Narcissus” – with this you have the option to change each row of stones to a different color ( 8 colors in all ) so you can come up with countless color combinations.

Here is a better shot of my necklace

Lexxiius - Baroque back Moutain - solo_013  jpg

Both necklaces are available only at Genre until August 12th

Now … go for Baroque!  ;)


Main Store:


On Draconias


.-. Heathcliff .-. Mister Darcy

~*Souzou Eien*~ Opalescent Choker

~*Souzou Eien.*~ Dragon’s Eyes


DRD ( Death Row Designs ) baroque boots – I think these are only available at Genre right now


~*Souzou Eien.*~ Glossy Goth Lipstick [Pink]

+Nuuna+ Meta White

+Nuuna+ Lyre makeup White


^;^CaTwA^;^ Lee

[][]Trap[][] [ni.Ju] Gelf Ears Pierced


On me:

~*Souzou Eien.*~ Pearls of Narcissus (Necklace)

~*Souzou Eien.*~ Fabulous Goth Eye Shadow [Blue]

Bliensen + MaiTai – Liaison Dangereuse – Powder Blue with Roses – plurabelle.laszlo

available at Genre

.la petite morte. marie antoinette full makeup BONUS – available at Genre

Madrid Solo- Manscara- Squinty Eyes – madrid.solo

IKON Spectral Eyes  – Maldives

Schadenfreude Underbust Corset, long ribbon  – allegory.malaprop

~The Library~ Pretty Boy-Red –  ( I think these are only available at the ROMP event right now)

Swallow Manu Ivory No Eyebrows –  luciayes.magic

Essences – Fake Painted Eyebrows Pink / 49% Op. – inka.mexicola

[ bubble ] Floral Corset Gloves – Pink  – moonbubble.gothly  ( found on MP )

PIXEL BOX – Long Boots Hunter  – mw.boa

Slink MALE (AvEnhance) Hands – siddean.munro

Designer Tights One ~ Tattoo White – vlad.blackburn

nails – -{ZOZ}- Spring Duo Lilacs – for SLink hands

Solo poses from: {NanTra} & Diesel Works


Thanks again Draconias for your help with this and providing the couples poses.

Thanks also to Nigel Riel for making available to bloggers his amazing build that somehow perfectly matched what I was seeing in my head for the location.

now enjoy some Prince Poppycock


His Imperial Glamness

When I started the journey with this blog at the beginning of the year I had no real plan for what I was going to do with it or where it was going to take me. I’ve had a ton of fun with it posting different looks for myself and sharing them. Now I have the opportunity to take the next step along the blogging road. I’m honored and excited to have been accepted as one of the official bloggers for ~*Souzou Eien*~

I’ve been a huge fan of this store since I first came to SL. I love its mix of elegant, twisted and offbeat items and I always find things there that inspire my creativity. I’m looking forward to bringing you some of the marvelous and unique creations from the mind of Draconias Timeless.

The first release I’m featuring comes from a line of four stunning new crowns. the Thorned Imperial Crown, the Elegant Rule Crown, the Adorned Sovereign Crown and this one – the Chained Regalia Crown.

What pretty boy doesn’t want to throw on a crown and glam it up?

Lexxiius - His Glam Highness (SE Blog)_024 - for SE Blog

Let’s take a better look at this gorgeous thing.  ( I mean the crown, guys ;)  )

Lexxiius - His Glam Highness (SE Blog)_001 - jpg for SE Blog

There’s plenty of bling here, plus the very detailed chain accent and the aged patina look of the metal is gorgeous. One of the things I love most about this crown is all the color options you get with it. I chose silver with purple and teal gems, but you have four other options in the metal alone and eight choices for jewel colors! The HUD is simple to use and includes pose and resize and delete script buttons. Also if you are a little more build savvy than I am you can do some manual tinting yourself even though this is a HUD controlled item.

Lexxiius - His Glam Highness (SE Blog)_014 - jpg for SE blog 3rd choice

The perfect thing for any royal roleplayer, or just to wear with a contemporary outfit to express  your inner prince or princess.

Lexxiius - His Glam Highness (SE Blog)_020 - jpg for SE Blog


So head off to ~*Souzou Eien*~ and treat yourself like the resplendent creature you are!

~*Souzou Eien*~ main store –

Marketplace –


~*Souzou Eien*~ Chained Regalia Crown  –  draconias.timeless

Dreamy Goth Eye Shadow [Black]

!*R3VOLT!  –  Kyler Jacket [V2]

**GizzA** Biker Leather Pants / Silver –  giz.seorn

Dark Water Designs – Grey Leopard/Black boot   – shadowed.luik –

Schadenfreude –  Silver Glass Star earring –  allegory.malaprop

IKON – Spectral Eyes Ghost

>!< Butterfly Kiss Boutique >!< –  Curly Q lashes

*Dura* – Japan Fair limited hair – A-2

-{ZOZ}- Wild Silver Polish  ( for Slink hands )

background –  DIGS – Rae Gothic Mirror Triptych – Silver –  iris.maskelyne


Bonus Video if you have time (it’s 9 minutes long ) – one of my favorite singers and inspirations showing how to rock a crown like nobody’s business.



The Nightingale and the Rose

Lexxiius - Gypsy Minstrel II - interior_047 - jpg for blog & Flickr

The Nightingale and the Rose

by Lexxiius

The English lord brought home many strange things from his travels in the East. Carved chests smelling of spices that contained mummified animals or parts of long dead pharoahs. Statues of hybrid gods and lush carpets woven with intricate colorful designs. Long pipes used to smoke forbidden substances. But what caused the most talk, the most clucking of tongues and shaking of heads among the people of the village was not a thing but a person. A young man who lived in the lord’s house, ate the lord’s food and it was rumoured, slept in the lord’s bed. The nobleman called him Nightingale, for he carried with him a lute and sang the most beautiful songs anyone had ever heard.

Nightingale was not troubled by his scandalous reputation or the stories the villagers told about him. For one thing the Englishman had taken him away from a life of hunger and desperation. His name was not Nightingale then. His blue eyes gave him away as the bastard son of a local girl and a traveling European merchant who refused to acknowledge them. Thrown out into the streets she raised him as best she could, their only joy sharing the music they both loved. Sometimes they earned small stacks of coins singing and playing at the bazaar. When he lost her to a fever he had nothing left of her but the old difficult to tune oud she had played while teaching him to sing.

One hot summer’s night he had been playing that oud on a corner, singing an old folksong when the English lord who had come to seek “curiosities” rode by on horseback with his retinue. The lord reigned in his horse and shushed his grumbling servants so that he could hear the rest of the song. Their eyes met, and although Nightingale was sure the other man could not understand the words there was something in his face that showed he knew the meaning of the song perfectly.

The next night he came back again alone on his horse to listen. And the next night after that. Nightingale smiled at him and sang. On the fourth night he got off his horse carrying a lute. It was a shining thing of glistening polished wood and bright metals and worth more than Nightingale had earned in his entire life.

The English lord held it out in his hands. “You are a Nightingale.” he said, speaking the words in the young man’s native tongue much to his surprise. “Your music would make the angels weep. You must have this.”  Nightingale took the thing from his hands, eyes wide. “You must sing for me always.”

“Do you know the story of the Nightingale and the Rose? ”  Nightingale murmured softly. “The Rose was once only white, until one day the Nightingale saw it and fell in love and for the first time the beautiful song rose from his throat. His love was so strong that he pressed himself to the flower, until his heart’s blood was spilled by the thorns and the Rose was stained crimson forever from his passion. And so the Nightingale died. If I sing for you, Englishman, will you have my heart’s blood?”

The man smiled at him. “I would not have your blood.” He gave a small laugh. “Your heart, however …..”

Nightingale’s eyes sparkled. “Yes. I will sing for you, Englishman. For I think it is already yours.”

And so he did.


Lexxiius - Gypsy Minstrel shoot III_025 - jpg for blog- best

Lexxiius - Gypsy Minstrel shoot III_011  - jpg for blog& Flickr



Lexxiius - Gypsy Minstrel II - interior_010 - jpg for blog & Flickr


So … a few weeks ago I went to Genre: Arabia to buy jewelry and I bought …. a lute.

It was a beautiful lute and I wanted it but then I had to figure out  – Why would I have a lute? I put it together with my other purchases from Genre and started searching my inventory for things that someone who had a lute would wear. Once it all came together I knew there had to be a story in it somewhere. So Nightingale was born.

Lexxiius - Gypsy Minstrel II - interior_026 - for blog

The hat by [^.^Ayashi^.^] came from the last Femboy hunt I did and has the long black hair attached. Everything else came from that starting point.

Hat rakishly tilted. And a rose.

Lexxiius - Gypsy Minstrel II - interior_028 for blog - done


I thought it looked great but started wondering what he would look like with his hat off. I went to Summerfest and problem solved!  The new Tableau Vivant hair “Summerwind” was almost a perfect match! It’s the first long hair that I think looks good on me, I really like the way the hair flows in front of and behind the shoulders.

Lexxiius - Gypsy Minstrel II - interior_011 - jpg for blog & Flickr - done

In the above picture you can see the reason I went to Genre in the first place. The “Sweet Sheba” Bindi set by ~*Souzou Eien*~  It comes with a HUD to change the colors of the jewels and metals and for resizing.  I’d happily wear it with a more contemporary look also but I think it added the perfect exotic touch here and matches beautifully with the earrings, part of my “Thorned Embrace” Set also from ~*Souzou Eien*~ that includes a necklace and the ear climber that I wore in the post “Hungry”

Here’s another look along with a closer shot of the necklace I bought – “Ayn”  in Silver/Blue . I had a Hamsa Hand bracelet on as a good luck charm every day for a long time until it broke from wear in real life so it was nice to find a counterpoint here. I think it brought Nightingale luck also.

Lexxiius - Gypsy Minstrel II - interior_017 - for blog

A poor street musician can’t afford shoes of course, but I did find this beautiful henna for him to adorn his feet with.

Lexxiius - Gypsy Minstrel II - interior_027 - feets jpg for blog - done

And finally an unretouched photo of the lute so you can see how pretty it is. ( I don’t do a lot of retouching anyway as I don’t use Photoshop but I do sometimes amp up the contrast and saturation to my photos since I can’t smooth anything out ) The lute comes from .:: Dark Forge ::.  and includes both male and female versions in the package. The lute plays three songs which are really quite pretty, and you can turn the songs and the animations on and off as you chose. Lexxiius - Gypsy Minstrel shoot III_012 - lute closeup jpg


Besides the lute, some of the inspiration for this story comes from the actual Persian legend of the nightingale and the rose, and also a short story by Oscar Wilde that has a much more cynical take on it.

Now that I’ve revealed myself as an occasional hopeless romantic I think I will post the credits and continue the story of Nightingale and his Englishman in my head ;)

Lexxiius - Gypsy Minstrel II - interior_009 - jpg - for Flickr & blog - done


Don Juan Shirt with pants top & Belt with Rose  –  Tamiron Forge –   tamiron.landar

( from complete Don Juan outfit )

Meggings &  “Summerwind”  Hair – ~Tableau Vivant ~

Deathrock Eyeliner – Schadenfreude –  allegory.malaprop

.:: Dark Forge ::. Lute Male – .:: Dark Forge Creations Original ::. – belford.elman

Ayn Necklace – Silver/Blue – .Luminary. –  augurer

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Puss in boots hair with hat   –  Ikira Frimon

Sweet Sheba (Bindi)  &  Thorned Embrace Earring –  both from ~*Souzou Eien*~    draconias.timeless

Spectral Eyes “Maldives” by IKON

Jake Leather Cuffs by Pure Poison

Mehndi Style Hand & Feet tattoo for Slink hands & feet –  KoKoLoRes – Leyla Flux  ( found on MP )

Hands & Feet by Slink

Skin by <The Abyss>  Adam Crius  Origin Shaven ( from the Warehouse )

The  locations for the photos were

the Gypsy Moon Nature Garden:

Domicile: 10m of Bliss 1-prim skybox ~ the gentleman [01]

also in the photos  – RoomDivider~stained glass – BellaRose Dunn Designs –  bella.bertone

Tears of Pride




Pride is one of those places where my second life and my real life converge. My avi and I both identify as gay, and although my avi has remained celibate and I haven’t really spent any time at gay themed sims I did go and take a walk around Second Pride to donate, do some shopping and take some pictures because I felt like I needed to support it

Pride is not about dancing around in a rainbow thong to me, although if that is what you are into there is nothing wrong with it. No doubt I could probably be talked into it in Second Life if there was someone who felt the need to try, and I did take photos with some killer rainbow boots I found that are posted on Flickr. But really there is something very serious and moving underneath all the frolic and festivity. Pride is about Matthew Shepard, and the 40 gay men who died in an arson attack at the Upstairs Lounge in New Orleans in 1973. It’s about drag queens tired of being harassed throwing rocks at the police, and being able to see gay characters in movies and TV portrayed as something besides suicidal messes or serial sex addicts. It’s about coming together in all our twink or bear, leather or rainbow clad or newly happily married with kids glory, and celebrating the fact that we can be ourselves, as different and divergent as we can be from each other. It’s about standing up and saying “This is us, and we will no longer hide in silence to be abused and ridiculed.” Deep down, it’s about showing that what we really are is what we all are. Human beings trying to live our lives.

Happy Pride to you if you celebrate it in SL or RL. Even though I can’t be there with my partner this year, I will be at a real life Pride event in my hometown tonight with a friend, grateful that I can be myself as well as having the freedom to be whoever I choose to be here in Second Life.


Makeup & Jewelry:  draconias.timeless

~*S.E.*~ Punk Strip Makeup (White)

~*S.E.*~ Second Life Pride ’14 Heart Necklace

from ~* Souzou Eien*~ Second Pride collection

Makeup & Eyes:    madrid.solo

Madrid Solo- Whimsical Designs- Glam Tears- Full Set

Madrid Solo- Mesh Eyes- Realm-Winters Thaw –  madrid.solo

Earrings:  [UG MESH] HALO DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS –  vaientine

 Hair:  MADesigns-Hairbase-speed –

              Tukinowaguma:  Ebbe

Skin:  Essences – Lamb skin 02 *medium* – inka.mexicola



Leopard print again so soon? Why yes – I did warn you.


This happened to be what I wore out dancing this week, as I’ve found a few clubs where I feel not-too-awkward and I enjoy the music. I stopped at GB City on my way home to do some shopping and ended up doing a quick photo shoot. Once I started camming around and saw this angle, I got struck with the ambiguity of the word “Open” and how it could relate to the youth standing above it. It could suggest an available sexuality, being “open for business” so to speak, or being open in sexual preference. On another level it could stand for openmindedness, candor and honesty. Or maybe someone who has left themselves too open, vulnerable and trusting, and then paid the price for it. So I decided to title the blog “Open” – just me being overanalytical as usual. I will let you decide your own interpretation, or if a neon sign is just a neon sign.

And now on to fashion.


Wearing a new hair available at The Men’s Dept this month. “Homie” by [INK]. They are becoming one of my favorite hair places, even though they don’t carry the unnatural shades that I love and usually wear. This one is “Roots” I’ve never really thought of myself as a blond, (white hair yes but not blond ) but I think it looks very glam with this suit.


This is one of those leopard things I collected so long ago I’m not really sure if it was from an event or just random shopping but I believe I bought it in the main shop. The jacket & pants are sold separately – both from Legal Insanity. Hud for leopard print lapels in many many colors oh yesh and tie and shirt also changeable.
I can’t even explain how pathetically happy it makes me to have a suit with leopard print lapels


Just went inworld quickly tonight to take this shot of the ring so you could see how pretty it is and realized that although I titled the blog “Open” the ring ( made by Swallow ) has a lock on it and is called “ISINGLE”. Totally unplanned and I couldn’t have asked for more perfect random irony.



Jacket: Legal Insanity – JerryLee Jacket leopard

Pants: Legal Insanity – Jerry pants herringbone black – datrip.blackbart

Hair:  [INK] Hair___HOMIE ::Roots –  nontroppo.torii

Ring: Swallow ISINGLE Ring Black – luciayes.magic ( At The Dressing Room )

Shoes – FLite. Creepers 1.0 Black – ( Hud option – no studs, pink laces )

Skin: Essences – Lamb skin 02 *medium* –  inka.mexicola

Ikon eyes “Passion” & Slink hands ( blogged before )

Nails – A:S:S  – French Cheetah.

Poses ( I always forget poses! * slaps forehead*)  I think these are all Diesel Works – probably “Gabriel” –  rogan.diesel