I’m Officially Official

I’ve had this blog for a while but with the beginning of the year upon us I decided it was time to stop avoiding it and make my first post. 2013 was a very sad and difficult year for me personally in RL. Second Life has become a sort of refuge for me, as I’m sure it has for many people. I’ve floated in and out of SL before, but the AV I had the first time was based on an RP character and had very specific tastes and desires. Fun to experiment with, but limiting and not really me. A few years ago I came back, created Lexxii so I could go club hopping with an online friend and then never logged on again. Last year I started poking around. Discovered mesh. Discovered Flickr, which I’m slightly obsessed with. Bought my first KittyCats ( the grammar geek in me is asking “Is one kitty still called a KittyCats?” ) Then this week I took the Big Step * gasp *  I became a Premium Member. I’m Officially Committed. ( Or I Should be officially committed, but that’s beside the point 😉 )

This year I’m looking forward to new beginnings, new explorations, and learning new skills in this unique place.


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