Shiawasena Hyouhomu

Two memorable things happened to me this weekend that I thought deserved a blog post.

The first – I was befriended by someone in SL I have greatly admired for a while now, following an IM I sent them. I don’t have a lot of contacts on my list – and by not a lot I mean four now, one of them no longer active. That’s not a “feel sorry for me I have no friends” sulk, because most of the time by my own choice I wander around very late at night without attempting to meet anyone. The few times someone has thrown a friend request at me immediately and I’ve accepted it, we end up never having another conversation and eventually I delete them. It’s not that I’m antisocial, I just tend to get really reserved and shy talking to people I don’t know. Most of the time I’m perfectly content to listen to the chat in my groups, throwing in the odd comment now and then when I feel bold, or the few times I have gone to a club, I usually just dance and listen to the talk and music. I do have a somewhat larger contact list on Flickr and often make silly or playful comments on pictures that I like, as well as on a few blogs I follow, but for some reason that has never transferred inworld other than a few small conversations when I run into someone on my list. So this was a very nice unexpected surprise.

The second – I moved into public housing ( a Linden home – lol ) I’ve been a transient for the past almost-year, moving every few months for various reasons. I had a lovely home on the water before the sim closed. I’ve lived in London and New Orleans ( both cities I’ve always want to live in in RL ) and for a while rented a small corner of land from a lovely person who came to my rescue when I was about to be homeless with 8 cats. ( yup – I really had 8 cats rezzed in world at that time lol. It happens. Compared to most in the KittyCats world I’m a lightweight. )
After I finally went Premium, I started debating what I should do next. I would love to get a small (REALLY small ) plot of land but so far have not been able to find one I’m crazy about. I have a plethora of skyboxes and a beautiful French Quarter shotgun house in my inventory that I’m saving for when I do.

Finally the temptation of putting that stipend towards cat food or fashion overwhelmed me, so I decided to get a Linden home in the meantime. As usual, I debated for months about what I wanted and visited all the infohubs on scouting missions. Meadowbrook was out immediately, way too suburban. Elderglen was actually a pretty cute place, but the houses seemed a little too claustrophobic and small, which I guess doesn’t matter if you are a little pixie but didn’t work for me. The big decision was between Tahoe and Shareta Osumai. The houses in Tahoe were nice and bright, but the sim felt a little too rustic for me. I decided on Shareta Osumai. A good fit for a somewhat bishounen boy.

I really wasn’t expecting much from the house other than a place to change clothes and rez until I found some land, but now that I have the place furnished I really love it. The only complaint I have is that the windows don’t open ( or at least I haven’t figured out how to open them ) but maybe in a crowded sim full of noobs that’s not such a bad thing.

Here are some pics of my new place. I named it Shiawasena Hyouhomu which according to Google translate means “Happy Leopard Home”


I’m a glam boy but I love old things, rich colors and dark wood, cause I’m just incongruous like that. šŸ˜‰
I love the mix of wood and tile with the traditional mats. Asian but with a Craftsman type feel. The decor is sort of half Asian, half Victorian Chinoiserie. Most of the stuff here is from the stores Lok’s low prim, Domicile and of course my bookcases from Tia that look like they are stuffed full of arcane and esoteric texts. I’m lost without a fireplace and very happy with this 2 prim one from Dysfunctional Designs.

Lexxii - Happy Leopard Home jpeg - cropped living room

I’m also very happy with the Art Deco Display Cabinet from Domicile that’s now holding my collection of Chibi cats

Lexxii - Happy Leopard Home - Art Deco cabinet

The bedroom and bookcases. There’s a missing piece of bookcase in this picture that is driving me crazy but if I don’t post this soon I will never get any sleep.

Lexxii - Happy Leopard Home - bedside cropped

I think what started as a temporary home may be somewhere I end up staying for a while.

Lexxii - Happy Leopard Home - Bishounen large cropped

Today I was a very happy Bishounen boy in Second Life

Lexxii - Happy Leopard Home - Bishounen boy


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