Prince Lexxiius Starchild

I’ve been squealing about these incredible boots and pants by Schadenfreude since they came out last month and I pounced on them, but I haven’t had time to put together a decent photo shoot until this weekend. The top that matches them is adorable too, although for this outfit I chose to pair them with another piece that made me breathless when I saw it – the “Idol II” jacket in Alligator from A:S:S: It’s studded. I died. XD It all came together when I saw this new hair from Monster “Farina – Backseat Thrill” And then I had my perfect purple glam starchild who just needed somewhere to go and play.


I knew I wanted an scifi/space theme and a search turned up this place.


TRP360  Sialimonus

Stonehenge in outer space!! Image

* whoooooosh * Sound of me instantly teleporting. I had so much fun exploring here, you can touch and interact with almost all the planets and ride the comet! ( I tried to get a pic of that but it moved faster than my sad little out-of-date computer could track )

Riding a meteorite


“Look … Saturn!”


“Who built this place?  Alien Druids?”


* ponders *

“Who cares …. let’s play!!”




( poses are a rare from a gatcha – cStar Limited/Apple Spice “Kick Fight Pose” that when I got I said “What in the world am I going to do with fight poses?” until I started playing around with them here.

Something about jumping from planet to planet made me feel like “The Little Prince”  from
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Or maybe his black sheep older brother that no one talks about. The one who wears eyeliner * grins *


Prince Lexxiius Starchild


Oh and here is a bonus shot of the sole of the boots because I never noticed it until started jumping around and it is SO cute


credits  ( for which I will happily try to provide links if anyone actually reads this blog and needs them – just shoot me an IM inworld)

Schadenfreude Astro Anti Grav boots
Schadenfreude Galaxy Orbit short pants
A:S:S: Idol II Jacket – Purple Alligator
Madrid Solo – manscara
Beautiful Freak – banded metal lipstick ( violet )
+grasp+ Silver lily ring
Hair – Monster – Farina – Backseat Thrill
Aidoru – caution! male earring with razorblades
IKON spectral eyes – Passion
Slink male hands – Relax  ( yes!!  Finally got the Slink hands!!!)

pretty sure the nail appliers are from A:S:S: because I haven’t bought them anywhere else yet.

Tableau Vivant – Noctis skin tone 05

lastly a song – since I’ve again been listening to Bowie all night.


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