Pretty Boy

There were so many wonderful events this month that it will take me a long time to catch up on all the new things I have. The second anniversary of The Men’s Dept, Rock Attitude Fashion Fair, The 100 Block, Japan Fair …..  * whimper *  * turns wallet upside down and shakes out last few Lindens *   You get the picture.

KOOQLA  makes some amazing skins. I think they have such an artistic vintage feel but I was never happy with the way they looked on my shape before. When they released the “Knight” skin at Skin Fair I bought four shades because I loved it so much, and will probably go back for more if they are not retired. This version “Knight of the Rose” was at The Men’s Dept this month. I’m wearing the Silver version without the tattoo. ( I incorporated that into a goth look that I will post as soon as I have the chance)


I wanted to try for a more natural boyish look so I’m not wearing any makeup layers * gasp *  The hair is “Takumi” by Argrace in Silver. Eyes are Ikon Spectral “Starfall”


This shirt was at Japan Fair “Romulus” by Aitui Clothing Factory. There is a hud for changing the scarf to about twelve different stripe and solid colors. I found this perfect bracelet on MP by a store I’d never heard of before. Cliche Fashion. I edited the size & position a little but the texture and shine on this is gorgeous. 


Okay so there’s nail polish. Just a subtle grey – nothing girly about that at all. 😉


I have to also give a quick thank you to Domicile for making a very nice and inexpensive set of 17 photo booths with different textures and lighting that are small enough to rez inside my Linden Home if I don’t feel like wandering around looking for a location for a photoshoot.

The pants are from Razor – a limited edition from the 100 Block of their “Sideslip”  Pants.  The other bracelet “No Stress” by Just You Jewels.

And the shoes – Good God the Shoes. I really wish I had a close up pic of them but I crashed 5 times in row changing my settings for photos that night so I gave up. FLite Creepers – also a limited edition. I was so thrilled to score these, thanks to a tip from a friend. The hud with them offers a ton of options including leopard print that you can bet I’ll be using soon.

I was having a lot of deep thoughts while I was putting this look together about how easy it is to transform yourself  in Second Life and how difficult it can be in real life.  This is a song I fell in love with recently by Young Galaxy that captures the pensive mood these pictures seem to have.



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