I did not log in for much of May as I was dealing with my real life partner’s health taking a serious turn, including a week in a critical care unit. Things are almost miraculously better now, even though I had been warned by the doctors at the time to prepare for the worst. It was terrifying and surreal and I only mention it because I’ve referred to being a caregiver in other posts. I try very hard not to let the outside world infect my time in SL but I found myself in a very dark place that fit nicely with the fact that World Goth Fair was going on when I returned. Even though I missed most of it I happily scooped up as much as I could and let my inner gothboy run wild. These are some of my finds along with things I had already been collecting in my inventory. And a little story because that’s the sort of mood I’m in.



The dream came every night. He welcomed it even though it left him drained and disoriented, aching in every muscle, gasping awake with a painful longing for something he could only half remember. A cold stone room, windows looking out over an eerie landscape invoking a feeling of dread and anticipation. The chittering of bats and other small nocturnal creatures the only sound other than the pounding of his heart.


The lithe figure appeared out of nowhere and gazed out at the landscape, back turned as if in disdain. His pulse sped.

“You kept me waiting.” The voice was soft and caressing but petulant. “You know how I hate that.”

“I ….. I’m sorry” he said sincerely.


“Are you?” The other turned towards him, revealing a face as unearthly and pale as it was excruciating in its cold beauty. “I think I’m going to be angry with you. I haven’t decided yet.”


A fluttering panic filled him as the slim form stalked away from him. “Please! ….. I ….. need you!” He grasped desperately at the velvet clad arm. “Don’t leave me!”


The eyes that turned to him were cruel but the intensity of the gaze left him breathless, the desire rising in him instantly. “Leave you?” the sensuous voice purred.”How could I? At least not yet. Not when you are so …… delicious” Back arching against the wall, a slow wicked smile spread over the boyish face.. “And I’m so hungry.”


He swallowed hard, breath catching in his chest, following the enticing view walking away from him and seductively draping itself over a soft couch. He moved hopelessly and eagerly towards it. “…..thank you” he whispered. “you know I’d do anythi….”


“Don’t beg.” A languorous hand waved in the air. “You know it bores me.” A fierce predatory expression transformed the elegance into something suddenly threatening and vicious, rising towards him as he shuddered in equal parts of fear and desire.


“Yesssss…” his lover and his doom said with a laugh filled with sin. “So very very hungry”


Slinking past him, razor sharp fingernails trailed across his lips, drawing a small drop of blood before moving away.


At the base of the stairs, a teasing glance back at him sealed his fate. “Coming?” There was no need to turn towards him again as they ascended the stairs. He followed willingly, even though he knew that this time he would not awaken.



I honestly had not the slightest idea that I was going to write this story when I started taking pictures for this post. Once I started narrowing them down, the more evil and cruel this little avatar started to look. I don’t even really know what he IS, vampire or incubus or demon, or just a rapacious evil spirit, but this translation of a poem by Charles Baudelaire that I used to adore came into my head. I looked it up and fell in love with it all over again and the story was born. Most everything I post is on the cute and colorful side, but yes – I do have a love of the dark also and sometimes it just needs to be expressed. The poem is below – enjoy.

The Ghost

Charles Baudelaire

(as translated by Hilary Corke)

Like an angel, feral eyed,

Piercing to your sleeping side,

Gliding down with oily flight

In the inwards of the night,

I shall give you, my dark one,
Kisses frozen as the moon,
Caresses such as snakes give
Slithering round the open grave.

When the livid daylights waken
You will find my place forsaken,
Icy till the evening’s here:

As others might with tenderness
Rule your life and your youngness
I shall rule you with a fear.

I told someone in SL that I was going to sign off and finally get some sleep ( I’ve been up all night ) but the muse struck and you know how that is. Sometimes it’s worth the loss of sleep to get something out of your head. And now goodnight.

( PS – sorry for not posting links to items on this one – I will try to come back & do an edit later when I’ve had some rest. There are some wonderful things here made by some amazing creators. )

credits as promised

The Room  –  Domicile: Photo Set – Mom’s Basement (7 LI) – Skell Dagger

Couch: Entity: Victorian High Sofa –   guestier Balut   ( from World Goth Fair )

Bats: [AD] [Nevermore] Fantasy Bat Cage – Angelica Leiner   ( from World Goth Fair )

“Windows” ( really a nice triptych art piece ):  Blood Reflection Wall Art – Damon Aulder (found on MP)

candles:  . Infiniti . – Tall Candle Grouping – [Extra Rezzable]  ( from a pose set ) – Twistia Twine

Flowers: .:S.M:. Flowers – Silver Bouquet II – Syrdin Morrisey

Books: AF Reading Pile – (Apple Fall) – Apple Fall (warehousefifteendesigns)

{vespertine – book of tale lover.} – raein (amelie.knelstrom )

Rug: [ bubble ] Red Spiderweb Square Rug – moonbubble (moonbubble.gothly)

The evil little revenant is wearing :

Leggings- The Little Bat- Jillian Leggings –  drusilla.dethly ( found on a hunt – the female path )

Hairbase – ::TATTOOART:: HAIR BASE SPIDERWEB –  ines.craft

Goth Makeup – PMD – Tili in black –  shyntae.demonista – World Goth Fair

Madrid Solo- Manscara- Squinty Eyes – madrid.solo

Boots – :{MV}: Jezebel Boots –  bought at World Goth Fair &  do not seem to have a creator listed.

Yes these are girl boots and I am wearing the XL size. My avatar is very much on the small side so freaky boys beware

Jewelry: :   {MV}: Relic Silver Necklace Sapphire –  becky.remsen –  World Goth Fair

Crux Invictus Mens Ring – Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery

~*S.E.*~ Thorned Embrace Climbing Ear Jewelry –  draconias.timeless

Jacket:   Dark Passsions – Alaric – Jacket  –  bcreative.wilde  – World Goth Fair

Fishnets – -=MY=- fishnet leggins (black) –  menya.yebut ( found on MP )

Hair:  Tukinowaguma  – Ebbe  – with color change HUD

Skin:  Swallow Manu Ivory No Eyebrows –  luciayes.magic

Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes – Passion

Slink hands as always.


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