Cheetahs Never Prosper

(I know … it’s a lame pun but it always makes me giggle)

I have this thing for leopard print. I love cats in general but of the big cats the leopard is hands down my favorite. Besides reminding me of cats, leopard print can have so many different style interpretations. It can be camp or classy, retro or sleekly modern. No matter how many times it goes out of style it always seems to come back.
It occurred to me that I’ve been wandering around Second Life for a year going “Oooooo!” and collecting things with leopard print but don’t think I have posted a photo or blog about it. So this will be the first in a series called “Getting my Leopard Fix”. I think leopard is probably a very hard texture to get right in SL, I’ve seen a lot where it seems to be out of scale or not lining up properly, so when I see something great I get very excited.

I always have a lot of fun at The Arcade anyway, usually picking up little things I don’t really need but want and gambling on how long it will take me to get a rare.This time I looked at a few pictures on blogs and Flickr and went – “I MUST HAVE THIS!!!!!” Took me a few frustrating days to even get into the off-site ( and trying to buy it in the secondary market to no avail ) and then you will see later how many times I hit “pay” before I collected my prize.

The Rare Gabriel Cat- Eared Black Leopard Hoodie.

Didn’t even stop to look at anything else, rushed home to rez the package.

How adorable is this face?


I opened it immediately and after some decision over whether I wanted to wear small or extra small size the look really didn’t take that long to put together, since I had been dying to wear most of this for a while.


The cutest thing about this is the kitteh with a little matching hoodie who sits on your shoulder


These earrings are part of a limited edition “Safari” set by Swallow. I got greedy and picked them up in all the metals ( gold, silver and copper ) even though I rarely wear gold. I really have to either figure out my color story or get some self restraint. There is a gorgeous ring and necklace that come in the set also. I’m wearing the ring but saving the necklace for a less casual outfit, as it’s pretty impressive.


The makeup is a combination. “Cheetah Love” from Madrid Solo ( a Valentine’s group gift for women I think ) and layered over the top “Cheetah Liner & Eyeshadow” from a.e.meth at Shop*Free Style. to make it a touch more exotic.
Also I love this hairbase. It reminds me of a combination between the cover of David Bowie’s “Low” and Julie Andrews in “Victor/Victoria”. I wanted something low and slick so the leopard print could stand out.


The shoooooos! Yes they’re leopard, yes they’re studded and yes it was love at first sight.


The location for this shoot is the Captured Moments DIY Photo Studio. Put together by Draconias Timeless of Souzou Eien, it has three floors of photobooths, backdrops and poses to play with. I could hang out there for hours … and have.

Hanging out in a neko nook on the main floor.


As mentioned before – I may have a few ….. extra kitties I obtained in the procurement of said hoodie.


The only problem I had with this hoodie is that in certain positions there was a tiny part not covering the alpha completely, causing a little invisible triangle where my chest and the fabric met. But it was only visible in a few static poses or if you cammed in really close and might have something more to do with my body shape. I think a little editing might take care of it.

Well worth the hunt and capture. ūüėÄ


::GB::cat ear hooded  Рtakuya.jinn

[ChicZafari] – Sneaker Spiked Leopard

.:villena:. – Chinos 1 –¬†villena.swansen

Swallow Safari Earring & Ring ( set ) –¬†luciayes.magic

Madrid Solo- Valentine Designs- Cheetah Love –¬†madrid.solo

[ a.e.meth ] – Cheetah Liner + Eyeshadow (Orange) –¬†aemeth.lysette

Pure Poison – Jake Leather Cuffs

Illmatic РUnorthodox Frenchie Hair Base Jessica Р tonio.harmison

IKON Spectral Eyes  РLeonine

Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) S L РRelax Р  siddean.munro

A:S:S – Slink fingernails – Metallic

~Tableau Vivant~ Noctis skin Рbald -Tone 05 Р aida.ewing


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