Leopard print again so soon? Why yes – I did warn you.


This happened to be what I wore out dancing this week, as I’ve found a few clubs where I feel not-too-awkward and I enjoy the music. I stopped at GB City on my way home to do some shopping and ended up doing a quick photo shoot. Once I started camming around and saw this angle, I got struck with the ambiguity of the word “Open” and how it could relate to the youth standing above it. It could suggest an available sexuality, being “open for business” so to speak, or being open in sexual preference. On another level it could stand for openmindedness, candor and honesty. Or maybe someone who has left themselves too open, vulnerable and trusting, and then paid the price for it. So I decided to title the blog “Open” – just me being overanalytical as usual. I will let you decide your own interpretation, or if a neon sign is just a neon sign.

And now on to fashion.


Wearing a new hair available at The Men’s Dept this month. “Homie” by [INK]. They are becoming one of my favorite hair places, even though they don’t carry the unnatural shades that I love and usually wear. This one is “Roots” I’ve never really thought of myself as a blond, (white hair yes but not blond ) but I think it looks very glam with this suit.


This is one of those leopard things I collected so long ago I’m not really sure if it was from an event or just random shopping but I believe I bought it in the main shop. The jacket & pants are sold separately – both from Legal Insanity. Hud for leopard print lapels in many many colors oh yesh and tie and shirt also changeable.
I can’t even explain how pathetically happy it makes me to have a suit with leopard print lapels


Just went inworld quickly tonight to take this shot of the ring so you could see how pretty it is and realized that although I titled the blog “Open” the ring ( made by Swallow ) has a lock on it and is called “ISINGLE”. Totally unplanned and I couldn’t have asked for more perfect random irony.



Jacket: Legal Insanity – JerryLee Jacket leopard

Pants: Legal Insanity – Jerry pants herringbone black – datrip.blackbart

Hair:  [INK] Hair___HOMIE ::Roots –  nontroppo.torii

Ring: Swallow ISINGLE Ring Black – luciayes.magic ( At The Dressing Room )

Shoes – FLite. Creepers 1.0 Black – ( Hud option – no studs, pink laces )

Skin: Essences – Lamb skin 02 *medium* –  inka.mexicola

Ikon eyes “Passion” & Slink hands ( blogged before )

Nails – A:S:S  – French Cheetah.

Poses ( I always forget poses! * slaps forehead*)  I think these are all Diesel Works – probably “Gabriel” –  rogan.diesel


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