Tears of Pride


Pride is one of those places where my second life and my real life converge. My avi and I both identify as gay, and although my avi has remained celibate and I haven’t really spent any time at gay themed sims I did go and take a walk around Second Pride to donate, do some shopping and take some pictures because I felt like I needed to support it

Pride is not about dancing around in a rainbow thong to me, although if that is what you are into there is nothing wrong with it. No doubt I could probably be talked into it in Second Life if there was someone who felt the need to try, and I did take photos with some killer rainbow boots I found that are posted on Flickr. But really there is something very serious and moving underneath all the frolic and festivity. Pride is about Matthew Shepard, and the 40 gay men who died in an arson attack at the Upstairs Lounge in New Orleans in 1973. It’s about drag queens tired of being harassed throwing rocks at the police, and being able to see gay characters in movies and TV portrayed as something besides suicidal messes or serial sex addicts. It’s about coming together in all our twink or bear, leather or rainbow clad or newly happily married with kids glory, and celebrating the fact that we can be ourselves, as different and divergent as we can be from each other. It’s about standing up and saying “This is us, and we will no longer hide in silence to be abused and ridiculed.” Deep down, it’s about showing that what we really are is what we all are. Human beings trying to live our lives.

Happy Pride to you if you celebrate it in SL or RL. Even though I can’t be there with my partner this year, I will be at a real life Pride event in my hometown tonight with a friend, grateful that I can be myself as well as having the freedom to be whoever I choose to be here in Second Life.


Makeup & Jewelry:  draconias.timeless

~*S.E.*~ Punk Strip Makeup (White)

~*S.E.*~ Second Life Pride ’14 Heart Necklace

from ~* Souzou Eien*~ Second Pride collection

Makeup & Eyes:    madrid.solo

Madrid Solo- Whimsical Designs- Glam Tears- Full Set

Madrid Solo- Mesh Eyes- Realm-Winters Thaw –  madrid.solo

Earrings:  [UG MESH] HALO DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS –  vaientine

 Hair:  MADesigns-Hairbase-speed –  maddox.dupont

              Tukinowaguma:  Ebbe

Skin:  Essences – Lamb skin 02 *medium* – inka.mexicola


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