The Traveler

      Featuring new hunt items from ~* Souzou Eien*~  for The Femboy Hunt and The Sinister Goth’s Sinners Hunt ( the theme this month is “Sloth” )

                              “The quickest way is sometimes the longest.”          Neil Gaiman

Lexxiius the Traveler peruses the star charts to decide his next destination

Lexxiius - The Adventurer_017  - BLOG

Climbing into his Cerulean Carriage he sets off towards the unknown in comfort and style

Lexxiius - The Adventurer_011  -BLOG

Somewhere out there his next Grand Adventure awaits.

Lexxiius - The Adventurer - 2nd shoot_005  - BLOG

As night falls,  the stars call him on to discover their secrets.

Lexxiius - The Adventurer - 2nd shoot_009  - BLOG

The Zodiac Canvases in the first picture above are the prize for The Femboy Hunt: Zodiac Theme. They will only be available during the hunt and will not be sold in the store afterwards so be sure to snatch them up while you can. The stars on the canvas really do emanate that soft lovely glow in dim light.

Here is all the info you need for the Femboy Hunt:

Official Blog URL:

Start Point:

Hunt hint: Behind the Madness lies the stars.

The cost for the hunt item is 2L$

Next is the Cerulean Carriage from the Sinister Goth’s Sinners Hunt. The theme is “Sloth” but this marvelous floating chair put me in mind of all the magical wardrobes, flying carpets, levitating beds and other enchanted conveyances in beloved childhood books that somehow swept the rider into a delightful world of fantasy and adventure. It’s very simple to use ( just turn off your AO and wear it ) and so much fun that you might find yourself never wanting to bother with walking again! ( Oh yeah – that would be the Sloth part 🙂 )

Here is all your info for the Sloth Hunt.

Official Blog:

Start Point:

Hunt Hint: Rise and peer through the veil towards the bejeweled adornments.

Enjoy the hunts and best of luck!

Wardrobe Credits:

BoHo HoBo Victorian Bohemian Top Hat –   trill.zapatero  ( this was purchase at Art in Hats event so not sure if it would be sold at the main shop )

*paper moon* Velvet Harlequin Leggings   – Slate & Rose  –  sohma.dix  ( from Genre Baroque)

.:Whims & Wishes:.   Jabberwock  Boots

*BOOM* Sixty-Two Jacket Set  Blush – aranel.ah


IKON Spectral Eyes – Maldives

SLink hands

[sYs] NOKOMIS Skin – Porcelaine – A1 –  syane.cisse

Madrid Solo- Manscara- Squinty Eyes – madrid.solo

A:S:S – Glam-rock-glitter – blue –  photos.nikolaidis


Domicile – Steam IX Fully-furnished Victorian skybox  ( hunt gift )

Milova – Extended Garden   ( a lush waterfront garden sim )


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