Dog and Cat

 disclaimer: All the items in the photos below you will have to purchase. The philosophical musings are free of charge. 


Black and White. Yin and Yang, Dog and Cat. I think most people would agree they have two sides. The one they show the outside world and another deeper one that they may keep hidden even from themselves. It may be because it’s dark or risque, or maybe filled with rage and anger the world wouldn’t perceive as “nice”. Whatever the reason, both can and do exist inside the same person within Real or Second Life. Just because you only see one doesn’t mean the other isn’t simmering underneath. Everyone does a balancing act between what they want shown and what they try ( or think they should try) to keep hidden.
With those thoughts in mind, I wanted to create two very different looks to showcase the new makeup releases from ~*Souzou Eien*~ . ( Ask me how happy I was to blog about makeup 🙂 )

I call them Dog and Cat.

Dog lives in a happy innocent pastel world of bright colors and sunshine, with just a hint of gothish darkness peeking through.

Lexxiius - Wanna be your Dog for blog 2


Dog is wearing the “Punk Strip Makeup” in Red. It looks great on it’s own but you can also layer with mascara or eyeliner as I have for a different look. There are eight shades in the fatpack priced at only 100L

Lexxiius - Wanna be your Dog for blog
Cat is a creature of darkness and alleys, dressed all in black. Lithe and slinky, with eyes that hold forbidden secrets.

Lexxiius - Alley Cat (for blog)

Cat is wearing the appropriately named “Wicked Eyeliner” No telling what this one is up to.

Lexxiius - Alley Cat 2 for Blog

Here is a closer look so you can see the detail on the eyeliner. It comes in nine shades ( I’m partial to the purple and teal of course but wanted to use black in keeping with the outfit ) Also 100L for the fatpack which is a bargain and I should know, I buy a LOT of makeup.

Lexxiius - Alley Cat 2 for Blog - closer take

Credits below, and since Cat got an extra picture it’s only fair that Dog get a song.

Enjoy some Iggy Pop.



on Dog:

~*Souzou Eien*~ Punk Strip Makeup (Red)  draconias.timeless

Lashes: Madrid Solo- Manscara- Squinty Eyes  – madrid.solo

Hair:   Adoness  alcippe maroon & Hairbase: alcippe  black shades  – cruella.pennell

( Although it doesn’t show in the picture the hair was edited to remove the long tail down the back for a better fit as it is actually a female hair. Purchased at Hair Fair.)

Earrings: Pure Poison – Trix Nude Earrings –  shaleene.kenin

Lips: Beautiful Freak  Banded Metal lipstick – white

Eyes: IKON Immortal Eyes  – Scoria   ikon.innovia

Shirt:  –David Heather-Oen Buttondown/Blood  – gianni.broda

Belly Jewelry:  Chaos, Panic & Disorder – Drops of Fire Belly Ring  lilah.munster

Shorts: A:S:S – Cargo shorts – pink

Slink Nail Appliers:  A:S:S  Superglitter

Boots: Razor /// Regulator Combat Boots

Skin:  Swallow Manu Ivory Black Eyebrows –  luciayes.magic

Slink Male Hands – siddean.munro


on Cat:

~*Souzou Eien *~ Wicked Goth Eyeliner (Black) –  draconias.timeless

Hair: LALA Moon Mesh – Brianna – ruru.nagy

(Another girl hair purchased at Hair Fair)

Hairbase:  Adoness –  cruella.pennell

Madrid Solo- Manscara- Squinty Eyes – madrid.solo

Eyes: IKON Immortal Eyes – Sage (group gift) ikon.innovia

Lips:  Madrid Solo- Male Lip Mix- Design 5 – madrid.solo

Shirt:  – Batsu] Lacenet shirt – warumono.mode

Yasum*MESH*Trunk – azlyn.vaher

Belly Jewelry: rockCandy – Belly Ring – Kitty  – autumn.fairlane

:*:Chaos,Panic & Disorder :*: Le Chat Noir Necklace – lilah.munster

Gloves: Razor/// Foe Gloves – Mens – Slink

Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild Pants (Tucked)- Moto – Ribbed Leather Multi

Paul Lapointe & Bastchild Lotus.

:::insanya::: Ava Shoes

Skin: same as Dog

Hands: Same as Dog

Nails:  A:S:S – Metallic


Props :


The Cheap Seats: Rundown Alley Photoset  – found at either Gentlemen Bastards City or on MP

Trashcans & Dumpster – Urban Spirit – astin.miles

Dog’s House

A:S:S  -Yelena skybox  ( Free on MP!)



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