Angel Underground

    “There were candles all over the Great Hall:  candles stood by the iron pillars that held the roof up; candles waited by the waterfall that ran down one wall and into the small rock-pool below; candles clustered on the sides of the rock wall; candles huddled on the floor, candles were set into candlesticks by the huge door that stood between two dark iron pillars. The door was built of polished black flint set into a silver base that had tarnished, over the centuries, almost to black. The candles were unlit; but as the tall form walked past, they flickered into flame. No hand touched them; no fires touched their wicks. 

The figure’s robe was simple and white, or more than white. A color, or absence of all colors, so bright as to be startling. It’s feet were bare on the cold rock floor of the Great Hall. It’s face was pale and wise, and gentle; and perhaps, a little lonely. 

It was very beautiful. 

Soon every candle in the Hall was burning. It paused by the rock pool; knelt beside the water, cupped it’s hands, lowered them into the clear water, raised them, and drank. The water was cold, but very pure. When it had finished drinking the water it closed its eyes for a moment, as if in benediction. Then it stood up, and walked away, back through the Hall, the way it had come; and the candles went out as it passed, as they had done for tens of  thousands of years. It had no wings; but still, it was, unmistakably, an angel.

Islington left the Great Hall; and the last of the candles went out, and the darkness returned.” 

Neil Gaimen   “Neverwhere” 


(click on the images for a larger view)

Lexxiius - The Angel Islington #1_011 - new blog picture

As I mentioned briefly in “The Book Meme”, Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, and I usually will count “Neverwhere” as my favorite book. The image of the Angel Islington trapped underground in his sanctuary/prison ( no spoilers – you will have to read the book ) 😛   has always been very vivid in my mind, and was the inspiration and opportunity for a small homage showcasing a few of the truly stunning items from ~*Souzou Eien*~ for this month. I didn’t try for a literal translation of the book, but this is very much the feeling I get from Mr.Gaiman’s brilliant writing.

Lexxiius - Sanctuary for blog - #4

The gorgeous ruins that my angels stands in are the gift for the Twisted Hunt – called “The Scrying Ruins”  The Twisted hunt is still going on until September 30th – so if you haven’t yet become part of the madness don’t forget! This is one of the most challenging and interesting hunts in SL – I have yet to finish one myself.

The Scrying Ruins are Mod/Copy only
100% Original Mesh & Materials enabled
17 land impact (at original size)

Lexxiius - Sanctuary for blog # 5The candles and candelabra were of course added by me, but the glowing crystals are part of the item and are tintable if you don’t want the lovely pure gleam of white they come in. I also love the rippling water of the scrying bowl itself.

Here is the link for the official Twisted Hunt start point

~*Souzou Eien*~ is #028 and the beginning hint is “Climb high, the center to the sky. Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers’

Lexxiius - Sanctuary 3
Also out now for We ❤ RP is the De La Luna Circlet. The HUD offers endless combinations of jeweltones and metals as is usual with ~*Souzou Eien*~  jewelry pieces, and I thought added a perfect angelic touch.

We ❤ RP is at:

Lexxiius - Sanctuary

I decided on Sapphire tones this time for the jewels and eyes, as September is my actual birth month and I wanted to use my birthstone in some way.

~* Souzou Eien*~ also has two very impressive horns as part of the We ❤ RP offerings that I hope I can get to in a future post this month

Have fun shopping and hunting and enjoying all that September has to offer in Second Life!

“Good Luck,” whispered the Angel Islington. There was a rushing sound, like a wind soughing across a lost forest, or the beating of mighty wings.” 



Scrying Ruins ( Twisted Hunt gift ) and De La Luna Circlet ( We ❤ RP )   ~*Souzou Eien*~    draconias.timeless

links for Twisted Hunt & We ❤ RP above

main store link

Hair – Tableau Vivant  “Summers”  – Summer HUD

Eyes – IKON  “Immortal”  “Sapphire”

Angel Garb – this is a combination of two outfits from Bare Rose  “Arkhai”  and “Light Laplace”  –  mayflo.smails

Bracelets – Mandala “Sankara”  –

Sandals :  [monso]  My studded sandal – Silver     morphine.janick

Makeup –  Madrid Solo – combination of  “My Demons” lips and “Iced T” which was a male group gift  – madrid.solo

Skin – Swallow “Daniel – Ivory”   – luciayes.magic

poses by Grafica –  alyx.aerallo

Feet and Hands – Slink      siddean.munro

Nails = A:S:S  – Metallic

Underground room – The Bunker A-02 multipurpose building  – TC Slade  (found on MP)




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