Son of Mercury

Son of Mercury “a wit, a thief.”   18th century slang.  

The slightly drunken man almost tripped on the heels of his fancy new boots as he stepped into the street. His impressive hat was askew, his coat wrinkled and he smelled a bit of ale and ozone. He tried to cover up his intoxicated lurch with a swagger as he moved towards the docks and his airship. Cargo loaded, deal signed, half the money up front and in the morning off to collect the rest at the end of the voyage. Good reason to get half-rats and celebrate, if only with drink. There were other ways to celebrate too, but tonight he hadn’t seen anyone that suited his … particular taste. “To demmed bad.” he thought. “But this is just a bywater of dosshouses,hedgetaverns and hulverheads. There’ll be better pickings at Cursed.” 

A slender figure moved out of the alley beside the alehouse, not quite in his path, but enough to be noticed in the shadows. “Uhhh…. Excuse me, Captain.” a hesitant, silvery voice called out to him. “Might you be by the way of providing passage to Cursed?”

The Captain turned and frowned, trying to get a better look at the stranger. “Come here, boy.” he beckoned, certain of this from the timbre of the other’s voice. “Let’s have a look at you. Mayhaps I can offer such a thing to you, for the right price.”

The young man stepped closer to the flickering lamps lighting the street. Half dressed in nothing but worn pants and a scarf, except for the optic implant that marked him as a possible runaway slave from one of the manufacturing plants. Poor and pathetic and without a coin to his name but not bad to look at under the dirt that covered him, no doubt picked up along the rough journey to his freedom. No, not bad at all. He looked shyly down at the Captain’s feet. “I’m afraid I’ve not much in my pockets, Sir. But I’m more than willing to help out on board any way that I can. I dearly need to get to the city”

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Lexxiius - Son of Mercury_010 - for blog


Oh … you dearly need, do you?” The Captain chuckled, looking him up and down, unexpectedly pleased with how his luck had suddenly turned. “I’m afraid I don’t require much of a crew. This is a solitary enterprise, except for the loadin’ an unloadin’. But yesssss …. maybe it would be nice to have another soul aboard. Sort of a ….. cabin boy, if you get my drift. I’m sure I could think of something for you to do to earn your keep.” He didn’t specify what that might be, but the leer on his face was anything but subtle. The boy swallowed and a slight blush rose to his cheeks, barely seen in the dim light. He shifted from foot to foot, glanced up, glanced away, opened his mouth as if about to speak and closed it.

“Well?” The Captain prompted “Don’t have all night. Come if you’re comin’ and be quick about it before I change my mind.” He turned on his boot heel and tried to stalk cockily into the night, which was a little difficult considering how inebriated he was. After a few moments the younger man was trotting along after him, trying to keep the smirk off his face at how simply and easily the pieces were falling into place.

The night’s too long for sweet talk and blandishments.” The Captain decided as they climbed up the long brass and iron ladder to the rivited deck. “Some things shouldn’t need to be explained.” He let the young man wander the deck, looking curiously at the wheels and gears and pipes as he quickly untethered, pumped, cranked and bustled them into a whirring ascent. As soon as they were clear of the dock and hovering over water he moved behind his passenger, grabbing him by the shoulders and whirling him around. “Come here, little wharfmouse” he said in a gruff voice with a hint of amused playfulness. “Seems I have a job you’ll be well suited for. You seem a smart one, you’ll figure it out. Or you’d best, if you don’t want to be kicked over the side.”

At first the boy’s eyebrows raised so high he thought they might fall off his face. He looked over the side, to the empty air below them. then to the captain’s lacivious expression. Finally his panicked expression seemed to turn to one of resignation and he reached out to the captain’s waistband, their gazes locked as his fingers crept softly around that band of cloth. The captain thoroughly enjoyed the play of emotions in his prey’s eyes. Surrender, acceptance, nervousness, and then a touch of anticipation and possibly desire. At least that’s what he thought, up until the moment he was relieved of his plasma guns and found them pressed firmly into his belly.

Lexxiius - Son of Mercury 2_001  for blog


“Step off, do – I’d rather not have to clean your innards off of MY ship.” The young man’s voice rang out, far from the delicate gentle tone it had before. He poked the gun harder, tilting it down a bit as if to make his point. “And don’t be deceived, I WILL separate you from your nether regions if I have to. Wouldn’t be the first time.” He pushed hard enough with the barrels to make the older man take a few steps back.

“Rogue! Prig! You … you FILCHING COVE!” The Captain cried out furiously, and made to rush forward until he took note of the steady hand inching the along the trigger and the cool eye appraising him.

The young man inclined his head slightly. He would have bowed but for it spoiling his aim. “I prefer Son of Mercury, if you please. But yes. Now …. if you would be so kind as to remove your garments and jump overboard? I rather like that hat. And lest you think me indecisive in the least …. ” There was an odd glumping noise and just like that, the Captain’s smallest finger was missing from the lowest knuckle down. No blood flowed from the wound, no ragged flesh at the edges. Just gone. The Captain stared in shock at his hand, although he knew full well the capabilty of his weapons and had paid a pretty price for them. He had just never thought to have them used on himself.

“Cogs and Brass, Captain!. Good Guns.” The Son of Mercury whistled and then gave a mocking smile. “Thank you for these. They’ll come in handy.”

The last he saw of the Captain was the splash he made when he hit the water.

Lexxiius - Son of Mercury 2_010  for blog


The Son of Mercury pulled the counterfeit implant from his face and adorned himself in the pile of clothes and navigational equipment left on the deck. Although some were a bit too large for him they seemed only to add to his raffish air in his own opinion, which he thought a great deal of. He spent a few minutes down below primping in his new cabin and checking on the goods and contents of the hold which he had so fortunately inherited, now that the Captain would no longer be needing them. He did not change the ship’s course, as the cargo was indeed going to be sold at Cursed, though perhaps not exactly to the legitimate outlet it had been intended. When all had been inspected,tallied and sorted out to his satisfaction, he went again to the deckrailing, crossing his arms upon it and looking out as the night stars gave way to the sunrise.

Lexxius - Son of Mercury - 2nd shoot_009 - jpg for blog


He gave a wink to one of the tiny, glowing lanterns in the sky. It was not a star but a planet, called after the same long forgotten deity as himself, it’s small size disguising it as one of those tiny twinkling celestial bodies as he was also so often disguised as something much sweeter, meeker and more defenseless than he was.

Lexxiius - Son of Mercury 2_015 - for blog
“Good night’s work, Mercury.” He congratulated them both. “See you tomorrow, old friend.”

Lexxius - Son of Mercury - 2nd shoot_016 - jpg for blog


I’ve always had a secret fascination with the Steam/Dieselpunk genre in fashion and music. I love costuming and historical/period things in general and I’m often struck by the wildly creative mixtures that cosplayers and fans come up with. This month’s event  A Clockwork Spiral which opened on Sept 15th and goes until Sept 30th gave me a chance to do a story and my own spin on the style at last, featuring new items from ~*Souzou Eien*~ one of them only available for the event, the Plasma Distorter Pistol. Make sure you get there before the end of the month when it will be gone forever!

A Clockwork Spiral

ACS Blog:


From ~*Souzou Eien*~    draconias.timeless

Plasma Distorter Pistols – exclusive to A Clockwork Spiral

Serpentine Optics – can be worn on left, right or both sides, with HUD for changing metals and colors.

Engineer’s Monocle and Professor’s Monocle – both available in the ~*Souzou Eien*~ ACS gatcha along with 5 other styles.

other items from A Clockwork Spiral

Earring: Bliensen + MaiTai – Industrial Revolution 2.0 Rust -Earring – plurabelle.laszlo

Hat: House of Rain . Stand and Deliver Hat . ACS 2014 exclusive – only available at ACS

Shoes:  lassitude & ennui Jolenta – gold_black  –  jackal.ennui

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Slink Nails – Rivets & Steam


Baggy Cargo Fader’s  –  Razor /// –   kehl.razor

BoHo HoBo Scarf Ladie’s Small (coal) – trill.zapatero  – found on MP

Hair – ILLMATIC :: Frenchie – Jessica –  kaiden.trill   (temporary at the Factory)

Eyes – IKON Immortal “Abyss”

Pure Poison – Jake Leather Cuffs

Swallow Manu Peach Red eyebrows -luciayes.magic

Ama. Lighter Mud Splatter – amadeo.dubratt


::ZED:: MESH Distressed Tan & Black Goth Leather Coat

GizzA – Fusion C H I C [Violet – Green] Male Pants –  part of a group gift outfit – giz.seorn

Beautiful Freak – BF Liquid Metal lipstick – copper -axi.kurmin

Hands & Feet by Slink – siddean.munro

Poses by:  -DeminAtions –  posepack <Shoot>.

!bang – homme  – luna.jubilee

Photos taken at:

A Clockwork Spiral

Mieville Twain



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