The unicorn. A symbol of purity and virtue. According to medieval legend, it will appear out of the forest to lay its head on the lap of a virgin and in that way be captured.
But innocence has always been a very potent force in magic, and in this season of Halloween when darker things are in the air, you need to be careful what you call up.

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Not everything is that easy to tame, and virgin blood can be very tasty.

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Just ask the Unicorn of All Hallows Eve.

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Hard to believe October is half over already. My favorite month, when the weather where I live turns cooler at last and Halloween is celebrated. So many events going on in Second Life, and many many new releases from ~*Souzou Eien*~  There are items from four different events here and that’s only part of what is available.

First off, if you haven’t been to The Gathering, you have only a day before it closes on the 15th. This is an event for gatcha lovers, and ~Souzou Eien*~ is offering the inspiration for my demon unicorn, called  “The Myth of Innocence”. I’m wearing the rare adorned edition of course, because I can’t resist the sparkly gems.  The commons are a little more subdued, with a hud to change the metal color and come in eight different colors. I have it on good authority that eventually these horns may be released into the main store, so if you miss them and want them you can join the ~*Souzou Eien*~ VIP group for regular updates. Another perk of the group is a 50% discount on new in-store releases!


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Notice the nice muzzle keeping the demon unicorn from ripping someone’s throat out?  That’s “The Biter Mask” currently out at Totally Top Shelf. His version is shiny and new, but there is also a rusted one, if you need a more well-worn look. It’s easily resized and a great touch for a Halloween costume. Totally Top Shelf is open until the 31st of October, so you have plenty of time to get there, and you won’t want to miss it.

Also at the same venue are some of the fanciest canes I have seen in a long time. Four styles that come in both an Ornate and Simple version. The Refined Cane, The Rakish Cane, The Gentry Cane and the Dapper Cane. Above the stylish little demon is using the Rakish Cane, but here is a picture of all four of them giving you some idea of the many color combinations possible. The canes all come with a simple AO  ( the pose in the top picture is captured from that AO ) but you can also add your own

Lexxiius - Innocence_016 - jpg for blog - yes


And we’re not even close to done, my fellow creatures of the night.

I know a lot of people who are very excited over RMK’s annual Halloween extravaganza. These are the items from ~*Souzou Eien*~ one in the Dream Gatcha Machine and one  available for purchase at the venue. These are some seriously detailed props, and would be great for roleplay or just to add a Halloween atmosphere.

Only in the Dream Gatcha  is the Crystal Altar that was supposed to control the evil equine until something went horribly wrong.

Lexxiius - Innocence_014 - jpg for blog - yes

I swear you can feel the texture of those rocks and crystals. I did practically no touching up of this image at all.

And helping to bring forth the spawn from the stables of darkness is the Spells & Hexes Supply Kit, which is available for purchase.  All sorts of powders and potions, candles and pointy things and even a mortar and pestle for mixing up those witches brews.

The best thing about both of these items is that they are only 1 Land impact each.

Lexxius - Innocence for blog yes

The baleful fiery stare in pictures are the animated Void Eyes, that are out at The Mystic Realm. One of four sets of eyes being offered, as well as two sets of horns. You Really need to see these eyes inworld to appreciate the effect, as they give off a very sinister glow. Mystic Realm just opened a few days ago, and will run until the 26th.

Lexxiius - Innocence_028 - jpeg for blog - yes

Wishing those of you who just like to dress up and have fun a safe and festive Halloween. And for those of you who do celebrate it – Blessed Samhain.

Events :

The Gathering

RMK Halloween

Totally Top Shelf

Mystic Realms Faire



from ~*Souzou Eien*~   –  draconias.timeless


Myth of Innocence Circlet ULTRARARE

The Biter Mask and Harness

Void Eyes

Rakish Cane – Ornate

Dreamy Goth Eye Shadow

Crystal Altar

Spells & Hexes Supply Kit


Other Items:

Suit – Innocenzio  –   lybra.rage

Mandala Steking Ears –

Milk Hair – The Top Knot

Hairbase – KMADD – Tribe 8

Shoes – FLite Creepers  ( these were limited edition as far as I remember )

Collar – Tableau Vivant Harness Collar – available at The Men’s Dept right now

Madrid Solo – Manscara – Squinty Eyes

Slink Hands: Relaxed

Bloody Mouth –  pennywise.bracula  ( found on MP )

Also – Tili from Pin Me Down –

Skin – Manu – Swallow

Tattoo – Mandala – .Reckless –  Also at The Men’s Dept.

Nails – Sinister – Dark Passion – Koffin Nails

Set – Domicile Corvus Skybox

Broken Floor Pentagram – Chaos Panic and Disorder

Poses – STAKEY – Tough Guy






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