A Boy and his Dog

The world was so much more fun since it had been blown to Hell. Literally. Once the bombs dropped and the earth cracked, the places underneath were so much closer and the land above so much more accessible. The thin veneer of Civilization didn’t last very long after that. It was every sinner for himself and the hungry desperate surviving hoardes soon learned that altruism left you dumped in a burning fissure somewhere, your guts open for the mutated vermin to thrive on. In all the chaos who would notice one small demon boy and his hellpup slipping out for a little mayhem? 

Sometimes inspiration for this blog comes from strange places. Two events currently running put me in mind of two vastly different works of fiction written centuries apart and combined to create my vicious little demon boy. Both of them  were groundbreaking for their times and well worth reading. On the surface they would seem to have little in common, but they were both seminal works that I think helped create an entire genre, and influenced hundreds of writers after them.

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Lexxiius - A Boy and his Dog_012 - jpg for cropping.

A Tattered Page is running until November 30th. Created by Cursed Events, each round will take a different book as the focus for creator’s designs. The first book they used was “Frankenstein” and it was great fun picking it up to read again. This is an in-store event but I was disappointed to learn that the response was not what they had hoped, so next round will most likely have a central location.

Lexxiius - A Boy and his Dog - jpg for cropping

Genre’s theme this month was Post Apocalyptic. There are a ton of books and movies with this theme but the one that has always stuck with me and my personal favorite is Harlan Ellison’s short story “A Boy and His Dog.” about the adventures of Vic and his telepathic dog Blood as they roam the blasted wasteland trying to survive. I still love its ruthless black humor and if you haven’t read it you really should. For something written in 1969 it’s held up surprisingly well.

Lexxiius - A Boy and his Dog - jpg for cropping - 10

For A Tattered Page ~*Souzou Eien*~ has contributed these unique Blast Goggles, exclusive to the event. The lenses and all the other parts change via a HUD, so you can customize them to be fashionably colorful or well worn.

Lexxiius - A Boy and his Dog_026 - jpeg for blog

For Genre  ( and I love this thing way more than a fashionisto is probably supposed to )  ~*Souzou Eien*~ created a set of four of the most evil looking bats, Vera and her sisters. I took a shine to Helga, the sister covered in studs, but Vera, Betsy and Jennifer are all equally fierce. They come prepared for before and after in both clean and bloody versions. These are roleplay only weapons, but they come with their own holding pose that works with your AO as you can see above.

Lexxiius - A Boy and his Dog_027 - jpg for cropping     I also wanted to point out the jacket I’m wearing. Made by Goth1c0 and exclusive to A Tattered Page, the Dr.Viktor Suit fit well on my new fembase frame, which is something I’ve had a little trouble with over the past few weeks. The vest changes color via a HUD and the shirt changes to white or black. The tie also comes in an ornate or plain version. If you are looking for a period or formal suit you should really pick this up before it goes away. I haven’t seen anyone wear this that doesn’t look great in it.

Lexxiius - A Boy and his Dog_013 - jpg for cropping

I wish I had had more time to explore and write about the havoc done by my little escapee from the Inferno, but life has been exceedingly busy lately ( in a good way ) so I will have to leave him here for now.

The location for these shots was a sim called Asylum.  It’s newly opened and well worth a look around both for the shopping and photo opportunities.




~*Souzou Eien*~     draconias.timeless

Blast Goggles  ( available at Main Store for A Tattered Page )

Mephistopheles Horns (Adorned)

Helga – Studded Bat ( bloody ) – Part of Vera and her little sisters set.

( available at Genre )


Jacket:  Goth1c0 – Dr Viktor Blazer  – keishii.roo

Shorts –  Leather Shorts with straps -part of the “Fallen Angel” outfit


Shoes – :Diamante: Nuclear


Hair – Tableau Vivant – Vlodovic – Summer


Eyes:  Ikon – Passion

Skin: Pink Fuel – Ash

Lips:   NerdMonkey – Victoria Lipgloss Violet

Hellpup:  The Roarior Hellpup Pet Rare – Sweet Thing. & darkendStare.


Hands and Feet: SLink – siddean.munro




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