We Are All Made of Stars

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Scientists have discovered our bodies are made up of matter crafted light years away, the stuff of dying stars that travels through the universe to mix with our cells. The stars were once mystical, enchanted things with stories and legends of their own before we knew them to be only a collection of inanimate gases and energy. Maybe somewhere in the empty forsaken streets of the silent nighttime world, the stars still drift down to dance among us until the sun chases them back into the sky.

Lexxiius - Stars Blog_016 - jpg BLOG


From Genre: The Underworld Edition  Location

Halo:   ~*Souzou Eien*~   Spangled Halo

Eyes:  Senzafine    “Tuonela Tytti” Mesh Eyes  – Gray

Lips:   Senzafine    “Tuonela Piika” Lip Stain – Lead

From The Fantasy Collective Location

Cuffs and Collar:  Kibitz  Lilith collar – Silver

Hair:  Tableau Vivant Whispers hair – Blacks+Whites

From Collabor88 Location

Pants: Ison  Fish Scale Leggings – Silver

 From Kustom 9 Location

Shoes: Le Primitif  ( for SLink)

Other items:

Tattoo: .Things.  Ahanna  Mainstore

Corset:  DE Designs Sonya Waist Cincher  Marketplace

Piercings: RealEvil Industries Nipple Piercing P4  Marketplace

Skin:  Pink Fuel <Vamp>  Mainstore

Hands & Feet: SLink Mainstore

Pose: La Jolie Rose Dramatic Pose 10 Marketplace


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