Lexxiius - Sacrifice shoot - for blog

(click pic to enlarge)

The dramatic “Draconian Wings” from ~*Souzou Eien*~ are still available at We ❤ RP until August 30th. These pictures were taken inside of the Aged Mausoleum, a VIP gift available at the main store.

Lexxiius - Sacrifice_004  JPG FOR BLOG


at We ❤ RP  Location

~*Souzou Eien*~  “Draconian Wings”

Una Medieval – “Taluna Skirt”   ( part of an outfit)

Jian – “Chester the Goat”

Other Items:

~*Souzou Eien*~  Mainstore

“Aged Mausoleum” – VIP Gift

“Heartless” (Mesh Body Modification)

DeLa “Gardenia”  Mainstore –  hair

Ama – “Blood Spatter” Mainstore  (body & face)

Clemm – Bloody Hands & Bloody Feet   Mainstore

antielle. -“Dissolved Tears” ,”Coagulated Lips” , “Distilled Eyes”  Mainstore

Yellow JesteR – “A Tainted Heart impaled on a bloody knife”  ( old Tainted Love hunt gift)  Mainstore

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