About Me

Lexxii - blog pic in the woods_002 jpeg

Hello! I’m Lexxiius. I’m an introvert in a virtual world based on social interaction, which can be a little strange at times but I guess is not that unusual. In Second Life I can be frivolous and flit around looking at pretty things made by the many talented designers and creators here, putting them together in whatever outrageous or interesting way I can think of. I’ve always been a word person with a secret desire to be artistic, a frustrated fashion designer filling blank pages with crudely drawn fantasies of couture. This is a place for me to chronicle my finds and thoughts on my experiences along the way.

My style is androgynous, blending glam, goth and fantasy elements together in my own bizarre little mix.

Find me in Second Life –  lexxiileopard

email – lexxiius@gmail.com

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